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We provide a range of advice and recommendation services to the Self-Employed, Business Partnerships and SME size Limited Companies.

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Retirement Planning

  • Major changes in pension legislation were introduced on 6th April 2023, with the removal of the Lifetime Allowance, and a substantial increase in the Annual Allowance. We can advise you on how  these changes will affect (or have affected) you, and how best to take advantage of any planning opportunities that may now exist. 
  • You need to carefully plan how much income you can afford to take under flexi-access drawdown rules otherwise there’s a risk you’ll run out of money. This could happen if (a) you live longer than you’ve planned for; (b) you take out too much in the early years; (c) your investments don’t perform as well as you expect and you don’t adjust the amount you take accordingly.
  • If you choose flexi-access drawdown, it’s important to regularly review your investments.
  • Make sure you know exactly where you stand now by contacting us for a review of all your existing and previous pension arrangements.  


  • Partnership protection - We advise on and provide Tax Efficient solutions combined with the most appropriate use of Business Trusts to ensure that a partnership is financially protected from the death or critical illness of one of the partners, whilst ensuring that any deceased partner's estate can receive the appropriate value of his or her share of the partnership as quickly and tax efficiently as possible.
  • Shareholder protection - Similarly to the above, we provide financial advice and recommendations to protect a private Limited Company from the financial consequences of the death or critical illness of one of the shareholders, whilst also ensuring that any deceased shareholder's estate can receive the appropriate value of his or her shares as quickly and tax efficiently as possible.
  • Keyman Protection - Many businesses are exposed to the risks of financial loss when a key employee suffers a critical illness or dies. Projects may have to be cancelled, the bank may call in or restrict overdraft facilities, credit may no longer be extended by suppliers, competitors may start to aggressively pursue your clients - the list goes on and on. We can help protect your business against such a loss occurring.

Investment & Tax Planning 

  • Are you making the best use of your business's capital? Many businesses have substantial sums of money simply lying on deposit, and often at very poor rates of interest. It may be that the funds are earmarked for a future project or a known item of capital expenditure, or it may just be that funds are being retained within the business "just in case, they're required in the future". Either way, you may be incurring unnecessary tax liabilities that can easily (and legally) be avoided.   
  • We can help you make the most tax efficient use of your resources, utilising a wide range of domestic (U.K.) & offshore investment techniques whilst always allowing for your 'corporate' attitude to investment risk and needs for capital liquidity.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate inheritance tax planning. 

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