About AB1 Financial Planning Ltd

AB1 Financial Planning Ltd. was established in 2004 by Alistair Blyth FPFS to provide holistic financial planning and independent financial advice to both new and existing private individual and SME corporate clients alike.

As a company dedicated to continuing to provide independent advice both for now and the long term future, we offer our clients the option of remunerating us on a fee only basis, a commission only basis, or a combination of the two.

At the heart of our operation lie the interests of you, the client. Together we will conduct a detailed analysis of your needs, wants and aspirations and prioritise your objectives. That way we can see where you are now, where you want to get to, and how we can help you to put in place a plan of action to get there. Once a plan has been established, together we will monitor and regularly review its progress to ensure that your plans stay on track.

We provide holistic advice across the full spectrum of financial services and in addition have in depth specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of retirement planning - both pre and post retirement. We are also authorised to provide advice on complex pension areas such as Pension Transfers and Pension Fund Withdrawals (Income Drawdown). Please note that we are not currently giving advice on Defined Benefit Occupational Pension Scheme Transfers. Please refer to our Private Client Services page & Corporate Client Services page for more information.

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Alistair Blyth FPFS (right) receives the President’s Quaich from Stewart Falconer, President of the Insurance Society of Edinburgh

Alistair Blyth FPFS (right) receives the President's Quaich from Stewart Falconer, President of the Insurance Society of Edinburgh  (click the 'Our People' link for further information)